3808 N Williams Ave Suite 129 Portland, OR 97227 | Tues - Fri: 8:30AM - 6:00PM, Sat: 8:30AM - 1PM | 503-280-2000 | info@tworiversvet.com

3808 N Williams Ave Suite 129 Portland, OR 97227 | Tues - Fri: 8:30AM - 6:00PM, Sat: 8:30AM - 1PM | 503-280-2000 | info@tworiversvet.com

Routine Surgery and Dental Care

Routine Surgery and Dental Care

The use of anesthesia can be a source of worry for many of our clients. Compared to many years ago, the anesthetics now available to veterinarians are very safe. Although we cannot eliminate the risk associated with anesthesia completely, we do everything we can to minimize that risk. Our goal is to make every anesthetic procedure as safe and stress free as possible for both you and your pet. We schedule in low volume so we can give each patient detailed individualized attention. We ensure our patients are good candidates for anesthesia with recent exams and blood work. With each procedure we use acupuncture, local nerve blocks, pharmaceuticals, pheromone therapy and flower essences to control pain and ease the stress of being hospitalized.

Routine Surgeries

Two Rivers Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer routine elective procedures including:

  • Spaying and neutering
  • Mass removals and biopsies
  • Laceration repair and abscess surgery
  • Ear flushing

Dental Procedures

Many of our patients exhibit severe dental disease without showing any outward signs of discomfort. Fractured teeth, periodontal disease and resorptive lesions are the most common disease processes we find. Dental disease can lead to significant chronic infection and inflammation which can be a stress on the immune system and have serious effects on organ systems.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, the health benefits of addressing your pets dental disease often outweigh the risks associated with anesthesia.

It’s often difficult to assess the severity of your pets dental disease while they’re awake. Unfortunately, most of the worst disease, like bone loss, abscesses, and destructive lesions, is happening below the gum level where we can’t see. Fortunately, dental x-rays allow us to thoroughly evaluate the extent of disease and make recommendations that may prevent the extractions of additional teeth.

Our dental services include:

  • Routine dental cleanings and oral evaluation
  • Full mouth dental X-rays
  • Extraction of diseased teeth
  • Extraction of retained baby teeth
  • Biopsy of tissues if indicated

When it’s time to send your pet home we will share all of our findings including the x-rays with you and review tips for dental care at home. We will go over what to expect while your pet is recovering from anesthesia for the next 24 hours and any prescriptions we are sending home.